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Take Care Of The Little Things To Make Moving House A Success

During a house move, or any removal or relocation task for that matter, people know about and are aware about addressing the key aspects of the move. Whether it’s finding the right removal company or hiring a man and van service, doing this well in advance of your moving date will most certainly get you off on the right track. But just booking yourself a moving company isn’t the be all and end all of the process. There’re plenty of other things that you need to consider to make your move as successful as possible. It’s the little things that people tend to forget about and neglect. But it’s these little things that can make all the difference and can determine whether your move goes to plan or ends up going terribly wrong. Every little thing you do will help and will add up to the big picture, so read through these hints and tips and make sure that you address them before your move gets underway.

1. Insurance.
Don’t just take it for granted that your household policy will cover your possessions during the move. Look into it and do your research because you may have to get some extra insurance. Make sure that you get insurance for your current home but also for your new home, because the minute you sign those papers and take ownership of your new property, you need to be covered and will be responsible if anything goes wrong.

2. Parking.
Make sure that you arrange parking for the removal van, so that your house movers aren’t left traipsing about half way down the street whilst carrying large and heavy items of furniture. If you can, reserve a parking space directly in front of your house which will speed up the process and get you on the move on time or even earlier than expected. Get your parking permits ready and talk to your neighbours before moving day to let them know what’ll be happening. You never know, they may move their cars to give you more space! Remember to sort out parking for when the moving vehicle gets to your current house, but also for when it arrives at the final destination, because you don’t want to turn up tired from the long journey only to realise you have nowhere to park.

3. Accessibility.
Consider how accessible your items are from the removal vehicle to your front door. Ease of accessibility will definitely help the movers speed up the process, enabling them to carry items from your door and into their van quickly and easily. So if you live or are moving to an apartment on the top floor or an apartment block, let the team know well advance of your moving date so that they’re not left with a nasty surprise on moving day. Make sure that you’re aware about the accessibility options and dimensions of your new place. You may have to flat pack furniture, take things apart and package items differently to get them into your new house, through doorways, windows etc.

4. Don’t over or under pack boxes.
Pack your items into plastic boxes rather than flimsy cardboard ones. It’s very easy to over pack your boxes in an effort to save some space, but doing this may cause the box to break. At the same time, under filling boxes will cause items to clink and bash about during the move, so fill any remaining space with some foam or just some scrunched up paper or tissues.