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About South Lambeth

Everything You Need to Know for Your Move

Relocating yourself and your family to a new home or transferring your business to a different location can be risky venture because of the cost, all the changes it can bring and all the work involved. There are many different stages to contend with and each can be difficult to perform or find time for. Hiring a removal firm is an ideal solution because they will be able to do everything for you to a high standard and follow all guidelines and safety precautions. Finding the one right for you can take a while but your search is over with South Lambeth Removals. We are a firm based in the south of London and are dedicated to helping people transition from one address to another, whether it’s down the road, to the other side of town or even across the sea. 

We aim to do everything that could be required of us to and we can only do this if we hire the best people available. We are always on the lookout to add new people to our business family who can do everything a customer requires. We only want people who are skilled an experienced in the removal trade so that they can apply these abilities by doing each task properly, quickly and safely. They should know how to pack items, move them without causing any damage or injuries, and so on. Additional capabilities such as driving and furniture construction can also be essential. Being able to do all these things is useless if they can’t explain it because we want our clients to be filled in on everything so that they always know what is going on. If they have any questions or concerns, our staff should be able to immediately answer. The people who work for us should also be friendly, patient and caring, treating our customers with respect and taking care of their belongings and buildings. A lot of faith and trust has to be placed on someone who is helping you to move and we seek to reward that faith by providing the best relocation possible. 

From start to finish, we can provide all the services anyone could need to transfer their life to another place. This begins over the phone, because our operators are among those skilled people we hire, as they will be able to dispense countless information on the moving process, as well as supply tips and guidance that can make everything simpler. By the end of the conversation we hope that you will be more confident about what has to be. At this time we like to learn as much as possible about the move, such as where you are moving to/from, what sort of items will be handled, how when the move has to be completed by and so on. This allows us tom customise the experience to your needs ensuring that you get everything you require. Our free, no obligation necessary quotes mean that you pay for only exactly what we do for you. 

We have many services available such as sorting and packing your goods so they will be safe, furniture and large item removal, vehicles and transportation, storage and more. We can assist you if you’re moving abroad by giving you help with paperwork and shipping your goods. We also offer a Man and Van Service that helps to keep things simple. If you want to know more about anything we can do for you, or the moving process in general, then get in touch with South Lambeth Removals today.